Scientists continually push the bounds of technology. Despite a plethora of applications having been demonstrated in the laboratory environment in the Terahertz (THz) region of light, only incremental adoption of such technology has found its way to the commercial marketplace. Innovative technology is required to fully exploit THz light and create a thriving THz industry. Traycer holds the key to the THz region.

Continuing advancements in this direction, Traycer leads the way in ever-more powerful applications by:

  • Developing advanced THz solutions for industrial and analytic markets focusing on sub-system solutions for gauging/spectroscopy applications.
  • Creating turn-key solutions for imaging, spectroscopic, and gauging applications to lead the industry with real-time solutions in a previously inaccessible region of light.
  • Leading the terahertz industry with real-time solutions at the highest resolution, fastest time to information, smallest form factor and with disruptive costs.

The terahertz industry is vibrant and fast growing in recent years, fueled primarily by advancements in technology over the past 18 months. The industry has invested heavily in THz technology at the application level, creating a foundation for sustainable growth.  Traycer has made considerable progress to rapidly commercialize our technology, align strategic partners, and develop unique products for numerous applications.

Traycer is a leading developer of terahertz solutions used in laboratory environments and industrial settings.

Our team is dedicated to providing unique solutions to realize THz applications in non-contact, non-destructive quality control, and providing images of materials not visible to the naked eye. THz solutions provide break-out capabilities for gauging/spectroscopy applications as well as imaging applications.

THz gauging/spectroscopy solutions are used primarily to either measure the thickness, basis weight, or moisture content of opaque, non-metal industrial materials like plastics and rubber, or used to determine the spectral properties (or chemical composition) of materials under test.

THz imaging solutions are used primarily to detect something hidden from visual sight; for example, the condition of a metal substrate covered in a protective paint or polymer coating, or detecting hidden contents in a valise or buried within the walls of a building.

Such products represent but a small fraction of the attainable THz market that span biomedical, non-destructive evaluation, high-speed communications, stand-off-security, and search and rescue application, to name just a few.