All You Need To Know About IgG Antibodies

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Going for an immunoglobulin test is a very important decision since it tends to measure the level of antibodies and immunoglobulin that are available in your blood. Antibodies are very important in your body and are said to be proteins that fight a lot of the antigens that may end up attacking our bodies like viruses, bacteria,and toxins. What the body does is that it normally makes a number of different immunoglobulins so that it can be able to properly deal with the different antigens that are in the human body. For example, the antibody that is going to deal with chickenpox is not usually the same as the one that deals with mononucleosis. There are some cases whereby the body itself may end up making a mistake when it comes to the antibodies that it uses to protect itself. What this means is that it may end up treating your healthy tissues and organs as if they were some foreign kind of invader. When this happens, the correct definition of this is known as autoimmune disease.

There are usually five different classes of antibodies and here we are going to focus on immunoglobulin G also known as IgG. This type of antibody has been found to be more abundant mainly because it can be found in all the bodily fluids that are in one’s body. They are very important since they the ones that play a major role when it comes to dealing with viral and bacterial infections. When it comes to the measuring of these antibodies, they are normally done together as IgG, IgA,andIgM. When they are done in this manner, this is going to help the doctor to get the right kind of information that is needed especially when it comes to the functioning of your entire immune system. This is going to be the case especially when it comes to autoimmune disease and infections.

So why is this normally done?

What happens is that when a particular type of antibody is produced in the body intolerance testing for food which is normally done against a particular type of antigen, the next time that the antigen is going to enter into your body your immune system is going to remember. When it remembers the response that it gave to this antigen, it is going to go ahead and start producing more of the antibodies. Therefore, checking the levels of immunoglobulin in your blood is very important especially when it comes to diagnosing some infections or even ruling out if you are suffering from a particular kind of illness or infection. This test is also important since it may help doctors to be able to determine if you are suffering from an immunodeficiency