Meet the Team

Brad Beasecker, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Beasecker is a successful, seasoned entrepreneur with a 30+ year career. He has held several “C” level executive positions including several as President/CEO as well as CFO. As founder and president of a private investment banking firm focused on emerging companies, he was instrumental in the development of angel financing networks, and sourcing and evaluation of potential venture investment opportunities for his and other firms.
Mr. Beasecker has also served as chair of a regional venture conference and president of the Columbus Venture Network for three years. He has authored and reviewed countless business and financing plans and is a recognized expert in the legal and tax communities on the valuation of businesses. He holds a BS with Highest Distinction in Economics (Honors Program) from Purdue University, an M.A. in Economics from The University of Michigan, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

H. Lee Mosbacker, Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Mosbacker received his B.S. in physics from Ohio University’s Honors Tutorial College in 1999. From 2000 – 2002 he worked as a programmer analyst at Nationwide Financial developing market timing applications for mutual fund managers. In 2008, Lee received his PhD in Physics from The
Ohio State University.
Since 2007, Lee has been the Chief Technology Officer of Traycer Diagnostic Systems, where he has been involved in the scientific and technical aspects of growing an early-stage technology company, including grant and fund raising and the conceptualization and development of microwave and terahertz frequency detection arrays. In 2005, Lee co-founded Techriculture, a non-profit that helps inventors and scientists in early stage product ideation and prototype development through educational, networking, technical, and financial consulting.

Don J. Burdette, Director of Scientific Research
Dr. Burdette received his Ph.D. in physics from The Ohio State University, where his dissertation research involved the design and testing of a prototype small animal PET medical imaging scanner that can operate in strong magnetic fields. During the concept stage, Don wrote detailed physics simulations in order to determine the optimal detector geometry and to characterize the expected system performance. Dr. Burdette performed simulations, designed the mechanics of the apparatus, supervised the manufacturing process, tested the prototype device, and aided in the development of advanced 3D reconstruction software.

Dr. Burdette has contributed to the development and testing of various other imaging system prototypes including the Compton Camera, Compton PET, and the Beta Probe in collaboration with the University of Michigan, CERN, Univerity of Ljubljana, University of Valencia, University of Perugia, and the Wright Center of Biomedical Innovation. Don has authored or co-authored multiple articles on imaging component and system development in leading scientific journals.

Erwin Grabisna, Director of Grant Programs
Mr. Grabisna is responsible for identifying, preparing and managing grant submissions to provide vital research funding. He is a multi-dimensional business professional with more than 14 years experience in a variety of sales and technical roles. As a Sales Executive and Sales Manager for National Instruments, an industry leader in computer based measurement and automation systems, he serviced his accounts with comprehensive technical support, training, configuration of measurement systems, and programming. His 10 years with NI were preceded by a position with ABB Process Automation where he installed and validated Measurement and Control Systems for the paper industry.

His diversified career also included several years playing professional football for various NFL, World League, and Arena Football teams. Mr. Grabisna holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, where he graduated with honors. He was designated a Weidler Scholar when he obtained his MBA from The Ohio State University. His concentrations included Finance, Marketing and Operations and Logistics.