THz Focal Plane

Focal plane arrays (FPAs) are available in 80×64 format without readout electronics. The FPA can be mounted with or without a hemispherical lens.
The THz FPA is hybridized to a readout integrated circuit (ROIC) that operates at 25-100Hz frame rate and a 5MHz pixel readout rate. The added flexibility in the FPA can allow developers to directly apply real-time signal processing, custom optical coupling, and lock-in detection to greatly enhance signal-to-noise. The responsivity for the FPA pixel is 1000-100V/W from 600GHz to 1.2THz.

Unmodulated noise equivalent power of 200nW/sqrt Hz for the 80×64 format and 5nW/sqrt Hz for 120×120 format are typical. A pixel pitch of 100um makes the FPA diffraction limited for high resistivity silicon optics.